Collaborative Whiteboard
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Update Time:2021-02-09 14:36

1 Prerequisites

  • ZegoWhiteboardView SDK has been downloaded.
  • Please go to ZEGO Management Console to register an account and apply for the AppID and AppSign required to initialize the SDK. Please refer to Project Management for the application process.
  • Obtaining the camera microphone must be run in the HTTPS environment. Before integrating the SDK, please ensure that the final project can run in the HTTPS environment. In the development environment, it can be circumvented by running locally, such as localhost or

If you need to use the file sharing function, please download ZegoDocsView SDK.

2 Compatibility Description

Since different browsers have different web support, the browser versions currently supported by the SDK are as follows:

Platform Browser/Webview Remarks
Windows Chrome Support win7 and above
macOS Chrome Support macOS 10.10 and above
iOS Safari Support iOS 10.0 and above
iOS WeChat Embedded Browser Support iOS 10.0 and above
Android Chrome Support Android 8.0 and above
Android WeChat Embedded Browser Support Android 8.0 and above

3 Download and Install SDK

3.1 Download SDK from Official Website

Please download the SDK from ZegoWhiteboardView.

For historical version updates, please check Release History.

3.2 npm Download SDK

npm i zego-express-whiteboard-web

The npm download package supports typescript language (recommended).

4 Integrate SDK

Can be imported directly using script,

<script src="ZegoExpressWhiteboardWeb.js"></script>


import {ZegoExpressEngine} from'zego-express-whiteboard-web';
// or
const ZegoExpressEngine = require('zego-express-whiteboard-web').ZegoExpressEngine;