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ZEGO Express-Video SDK Overview

Update Time:2020-08-17 19:36

ZEGO Express-Video SDK helps developers quickly build reliable and scalable video calling and interactive live video streaming into mobile, desktop, and web applications for a wide range of use cases such as one-on-one and group video calls, online education, entertainment live video streaming, and others.

With just four simple steps, your applications can access ZEGO's cloud streaming platform to deliver high-quality, ultra-low-latency, and interactive live video to your end-users across all platforms with the support for massive concurrency, providing the users a perfect live video experience.

1 Key Features

Category Feature Description
Live Audio/Video Streaming Stream Publishing and Playing Supports RTMP, UDP, WebRTC, FLV, HLS, and other protocols.
Publishing streams to multiple CDNs.
Playing streams from CDNs.
End-to-end latency can be as low as 80ms within China and around 300ms globally.
Publishing Multiple Streams Allows users to publish multiple video streams from multiple sources. For example, to share screen while live streaming from a camera.
Multi-party Real-time Interaction Supports up to 32 participants in a group video call or 32 hosts in an interactive live broadcast.
Stream Mixing Mixing multiple media streams into a single one, which removes the burden of processing multiple streams from the client side and also makes it easier to record multiple streams and relay multiple streams to CDNs.
Instant Messaging Supports sending instant messages to all users or specified users in a room.
Stream Watermarking Adds a watermark (e.g., a logo) to a video stream.
Retouching Basic beauty features, such as skin smoothing and color adjustment.
Sound Level and
Audio Spectrum
Provides develops with the ability to display sound level and audio spectrum in the app easily to improve user experience.
Media Player The Media Player component can play local or network media files and stream the media content currently being played to remote users.
Supplemental Enhancement Information Supplemental Enhancement Information (SEI) allows different types of data such as lyrics and video layout to be sent as part of the media stream from the stream publisher to the stream receiver so that media data and non-media data can be kept in synchronization.
Custom Video Capturing When the SDK's built-in video capturing module cannot meet your requirements, you can use a custom video capturing solution to capture the video as desired and pass the captured video data to the SDK for subsequent processes.
Custome Video Rendering When the SDK's built-in video rendering module cannot meet your requirements, you can use a custom video rendering solution to get video data from the SDK and perform the rendering as desired.
Streaming Quality Monitoring After the stream publishing/playing starts successfully, the SDK checks the streaming quality in every 3 seconds so that proper action can be taken on the client side to handle any issue that may occur.
Audio Mixing Combines the audio data provided by the app and the audio data captured by ZEGO SDK into one single audio stream. For instance, adding sound effects to a live broadcast.
Local Recording Provides the capability to record and save live audio/video streams to local media files.
Whiteboard Interaction Basic whiteboard APIs for implementing whiteboard interaction features.
Audio/Video Processing Acoustic Echo Cancellation
The engine's built-in AEC feature provides a better communication experience in double-talk situations. It has three AEC modes: Soft, Medium, and Aggressive.
Automatic Noise Suppression
Based on the psychoacoustic model, the engine's built-in ANS feature increases the signal-to-noise ratio by 20dB+, without compromising the voice quality.
Automatic Gain Control
The engine's built-in AGC feature automatically adjusts the volume while capturing audio from the microphone, providing a better experience in noisy environments.
Multiple Encoding Support The engine supports various hardware and software encoding to meet the requirements of different use cases and network environments.
Multiple Decoding Support The engine supports various hardware and software decoding to meet the requirements of different use cases and network environments.
GPU Processing GPU cache memories are used to boot performance, improve stability, and reduce latency.
Network Transmission Network Adaptability The end-to-end full link optimizing algorithm predicts network speed based on the current network condition and automatically controls the traffic, delivering a better streaming performance in weak network environments.
Forward Error Correction
(FEC) +
Automatic Repeat Request
Dynamically combines FEC and ARQ to fully utilize the available bandwidth and, at the same time, avoid network congestion.
Adaptive Bitrate Encoding
Automatically adjusts encoding bitrate and frame rate according to network condition.
Muti-bitrate Encoding
Encodes a stream into multiple bitrates so that the viewers can select whichever stream best suits their network bandwidth and device.
Auto Jitter Buffering
Automatically adjust the jitter buffer according to the current network condition to achieve the best trade-off between latency and smoothness.

2 Key Properties

Property Specification
SDK Size: iOS: 12.4M
Android: 10.6M
Windows: 8.87M
macOS: 9.15M
Multi-party Real-time Interaction Supports up to 32 participants.
Video Quality Video Catpure Resolution: 1080p;
Video Capture Frame Rate: 1-30 FPS;
Latency : normally 200ms ~ 1s.
Audio Quality Audio Sampling Rate: 16khz -48khz;
Number Audio Channels: mono and stereo;
Echo Cancellation: supports 10 simultaneous speech channels.
Network Coverage Global real-time network with 500 + BGP nodes, covering 200+ countries and territories.
Concurrency Supports up to 1,000,000 concurrent viewers in a single live broadcast.

3 Compatibility

ZEGO Express-Video SDK supports iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Web, and allows for cross-platform interactions. The table below shows the supported platforms and their versions.

Platform Supported Version Supported Architecture
iOS 7.0+ arm64
Android 4.0.3+ armeabi-v7a
Windows Windows 7+ x86
Linux Ubuntu 16.04+ -
macOS 10.10+ x64
Web Chrome 58+
Firefox 56+
Safari 11+
Opera 45+