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Update Time:2021-01-28 19:59

Express Audio is a real-time audio interactive service product that can provide developers with convenient access, high-definition smooth, multi-platform interoperability, low latency, high concurrency audio and video services, can achieve one-to-many, many pairs Multiple real-time audio interactions, live shows on show, voice conferences and other scenarios.

Extreme Speed Audio also provides developers with the ability to access audio and video services at full speed on a four-line code platform, allowing developers to build products and services with a perfect audio experience in 30 minutes.

1 Main features and scenarios

Categories Key Features Description Typical Scenarios
Base Publish-play Stream It supports RTMP, FLV, HLS and RTP protocols, and the global node realizes ultra-low 100ms latency, while providing multi-CDN push flow and adaptive flow control functions. Online education
Live show
Live Co-hosting Support multi-master live mike, multi-person real-time communication and other functions, can achieve up to 32-way live mike push-pull stream. PK Co-hosting
Multi-person conference
Audio Engine Echo Cancellation The engine has its own echo cancellation function, in the case of duplexing, all parties to speak clearly, duplexing experience is good, support Comfort, moderate and aggressive three echo cancellation mode. Online education
Live show
Noise reduction The engine has a built-in noise suppression function that incorporates a psychoacoustic model to improve the signal-to-noise ratio by 20dB+, without compromising the sound quality of the voice. Online education
Live show
Auto Gain The engine comes with an auto-gain function, which automatically adjusts the microphone volume to adapt to near and far pickup, bringing a good experience in noisy environments. Online education
Live show
Multiple encoding Support a variety of hard coding, a variety of soft editing, to adapt to the coding requirements of a variety of application scenarios and network environments. Online education
Live show
Multiple decoding Support multiple hard solutions and multiple soft solutions to meet the decoding requirements of various application scenarios and network environments. Online education
Live show
Network Transmission Network transmission Qos Realize the dynamic balance of redundant data (FEC) and retransmission strategy (ARQ), on the one hand to ensure the full use of broadband, on the other hand not to grab bandwidth and cause link congestion. All
Network adaptation Provide end-to-end full chain optimization algorithm, can predict the network speed according to the current network situation and automatically perform flow control, support weak network adaptive push and pull flow. All
Intelligent adjustment The intelligent adjustment of code rate and frame rate guarantees fluency. All
Jitter buffer In a weak network environment, use a good jitter buffer strategy to find the best fit between delay and fluency. All

2 Feature Index

Features Interactive video metrics
SDK Package volume The package size increments of the Express-Video SDK (standard edition) is as follows:
  • iOS (arm64): 4.31 MB
  • Android (arm64): 6.88 MB
  • Android (armv7): 6.59 MB
  • macOS (x86_64): 10.72 MB
  • Windows (x86): 11.25 MB
  • Windows (x86_64): 14.61 MB
Multiplayer audio Support 32-channel real-time audio interaction
Audio quality Audio sampling rate: 16k~48k
Support single and dual channel
Echo cancellation: support 10 simultaneous speech
Massive concurrency Global 200+BGP nodes, providing stable multinational content distribution network

3 Platform compatible

Interactive audio supports iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Web, applets and supports inter-platform communication. Specific compatibility requirements are shown in the table below.

Platform Supported Version Supported Architecture
iOS 7.0+ arm64
x86_64 (Simulator)
Android 4.1+ arm64-v8a
Windows Windows 7+ x86
Linux Ubuntu 16.04+ / CentOS x86_64
macOS 10.10+ x86_64
Web Chrome 58+
Firefox 56+
Safari 11+
Opera 45+
QQ browser windows 10.1+, macOS 4.4+
360 safe browser speed mode
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