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Update Time:2021-02-18 13:07

Express-Video SDK helps developers quickly build reliable and scalable video calling and interactive live video streaming into mobile, desktop, and web applications for a wide range of use cases such as one-on-one and group video calls, online education, entertainment live video streaming, and others.

With just four simple steps, your applications can access ZEGO's cloud streaming platform to deliver high-quality, ultra-low-latency, and interactive live video to your end-users across all platforms with the support for massive concurrency, providing the users a perfect live video experience.

1 Key Features

Category Main Function Function Description Business Scenario
Basic Functions Live Push-Pull Streaming Supports protocols such as RTMP, FLV, HLS, and RTP, global nodes achieve ultra-low 100ms latency, and provide multiple CDN streaming, adaptive flow control and other functions. Online Education
Live Show
Live broadcast with microphones Supports multiple anchors linked with microphones, multi-person real-time communication and other functions, which can realize up to 32 channels of linked microphones with live streaming. PK Lianmai
Multi-person Conference
Beauty Supports basic beauty functions, including settings for whitening, dermabrasion and other effects. Show live
Audio and Video Engine Echo Cancellation The engine has its own echo cancellation function. In the case of dual talk, the voice of all parties is clear, the duplex experience is good, and it supports three echo cancellation modes: comfortable, moderate and aggressive. Online Education
Live Show
Noise suppression The engine has its own noise suppression function. Combined with the psychoacoustic model, it can increase the signal-to-noise ratio by 20dB+ without damaging the voice quality. Online Education
Live Show
Automatic gain The engine has its own automatic gain function, which can automatically adjust the microphone volume to adapt to near and far pickup, bringing a good experience in noisy environments. Online Education
Live Show
Multiple encodings Support multiple hard coding and multiple soft coding to meet the coding requirements of multiple application scenarios and network environments. Online Education
Live Show
Multiple decoding Support multiple hard solutions and multiple soft solutions to meet the decoding requirements of multiple application scenarios and network environments. Online Education
Live Show
GPU processing All data goes to GPU memory, with good performance, good stability and low latency. Online Education
Live Show
Network Transmission Network Transmission Qos Realize the dynamic balance of redundant data (FEC) and retransmission strategy (ARQ). On the one hand, it can ensure the full utilization of bandwidth, and on the other hand, it will not grab bandwidth and cause congestion of the link itself. Full scene
Network Adaptive Provides end-to-end full-chain optimization algorithms, which can predict network speed according to the current network conditions and automatically perform flow control, and support weak network adaptive streaming and streaming. Full scene
Intelligent adjustment Intelligent adjustment of bit rate and frame rate ensures the balance effect of picture quality and fluency. Full scene
Jitter buffer In a weak network environment, use a good jitter buffer strategy to find the best fit between delay and smoothness. Full scene

2 Key Properties

Property Specification
SDK Size The package size increments of the Express-Video SDK (standard edition) is as follows:
  • iOS (arm64): 4.84 MB
  • Android (arm64): 7.51 MB
  • Android (armv7): 7.22 MB
  • macOS (x86_64): 17.72 MB
  • Windows (x86): 13.61 MB
  • Windows (x86_64): 17.21 MB
The package size increments of the Express-Video SDK (including whiteboard function) is as follows:
  • iOS (arm64): 5.48 MB
  • Android (arm64): 8.45 MB
  • Android (armv7): 8.11 MB
  • macOS (x86_64): 19.84 MB
  • Windows (x86): 15.11 MB
  • Windows (x86_64): 19.40 MB
Multi-party Real-time Interaction Supports up to 32 participants
Video Quality Video Catpure Resolution: 1080p
Video Capture Frame Rate: 1-30 FPS
Latency: normally 200ms ~ 1s
Audio Quality Audio Sampling Rate: 16khz -48khz
Number Audio Channels: mono and stereo
Echo Cancellation: supports 10 simultaneous speech channels
Network Coverage Global real-time network with 500 + BGP nodes, covering 200+ countries and territories
Concurrency Supports up to 1,000,000 concurrent viewers in a single live broadcast

3 Compatibility

ZEGO Express-Video SDK supports iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Web, and allows for cross-platform interactions. The table below shows the supported platforms and their versions.

Platform Supported Version Supported Architecture
iOS 7.0+ arm64
x86_64 (Simulator)
Android 4.1+ arm64-v8a
Windows Windows 7+ x86
Linux Ubuntu 16.04+ / CentOS x86_64
macOS 10.10+ x64
Web Chrome 58+
Firefox 56+
Safari 11+
Opera 45+