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Update Time:2021-01-20 16:44

ZEGO On-Premises Recording SDK, a recording plug-in for real-time audio and video, live broadcast interaction, through simple integration and use, to help developers quickly and flexibly deploy local recording services to achieve one-to-one, many-to-many real-time audio Video call or live recording interaction recording.

The ZEGO On-Premises Recording SDK can store voice chat, video chat, and live broadcast content for more people to watch at a convenient time.

1 Main Features

Main function Function description
Shunt recording Support audio and video shunt recording for each user in the room
Mixed stream recording Support audio and video mixed stream recording for all users in the room
Multiple recordings Supports simultaneous recording and output of audio and video files in the room
Audio and video separation Support audio and video streams in the room to strip audio for recording
Air Flow Filler Support for every user in the room to supplement the recording of blank screen after the flow is interrupted
Video Screenshot Support audio and video screenshots of all users in the room
Custom layout Support custom layout of room video screen

2 Applicable Scenarios

Industry Applicable scenarios
Online Education Provide multi-party audio and video recording capabilities for 1-to-1, small class, large class and other online classrooms
Social Live Support live recording, live playback, screenshots and yellows
Financial industry Provide video recording function for video face-to-face signing, remote witnessing and other business processing, archive for future reference
Customer Service Center The recorded audio and video can be used for user research, customer service evaluation and other scenarios
Telemedicine Online recording of remote consultation and online consultation process for later review

3 Product Features

Features Description
High reliability Support cluster deployment, dynamic expansion, provide high availability services
High security Provide end-to-end security guarantee mechanism for video call, data transmission, data storage, etc.
Adaptability Support ZegoLiveRoom SDK and ZegoAudioRoom SDK real-time audio and video recording
Compatibility Operating systems that support CentOS 6.5+ x64 and Ubuntu 14.04+ x64
Stable and easy to use The operation method is simple and easy to use, quick to get started, can flexibly deploy recording services, and easily realize the recording function on the mobile terminal and the web terminal
Flexible combination By flexibly combining various functions, it can be seamlessly applied to various scenarios required to achieve better services

ZEGO On-Premises Recording Demo source code download address: On-Premises Recording Demo, Demo operation instructions please see download sample source code-Demo instructions