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Update Time:2021-05-27 15:20

ZegoEffects provides a number of intelligent image rendering and algorithm capabilities, including intelligent beauty, AR special effects, image segmentation, etc., which can be widely used in entertainment live broadcast, online education, camera tools and other scenarios.

1 Main Functions

Main Functions Description
Smart Beauty It can realize the functions of skin peeling, whitening, bright eyes, white teeth, eye bags, dark circles, freckles, acne, etc., to create a unique and natural beauty effect.
Natural Beauty It can be used to apply partial makeup on lips, eyes, double eyelids, eyebrows, etc., to create a natural and delicate makeup. It supports lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, eyebrows, foundation, blush, eyeliner, eyelashes and other beauty makeup Dimension.
Advanced Beauty Based on accurate face key point detection and 3D model, it can achieve face-lifting, small face, big eyes, eye distance adjustment, chin reduction, thin nose, mouth shape adjustment and other functions, providing all-round facial features comparable to celebrities A beautiful experience.
Variety of filters (coming soon) Provide a variety of exquisite filters, including fresh, Japanese, soft, forest, light effects and other different themes, you can easily change the image style, can be used for photos, short videos, image processing, etc..
AR special effects (coming soon) Provide a variety of AR special effects, support 2D/3D stickers, face stickers. It is extremely robust to complex backgrounds, illumination changes and exaggerated postures.
Intelligent segmentation Provides multiple segmentation capabilities such as portrait segmentation, green screen segmentation, hair segmentation, and head segmentation. It is suitable for online education, video conferencing, hairdressing, short video and other scenarios.

2 Applicable Scenarios

Applicable Scenarios Description
Live broadcast scenes It can be widely used in live entertainment live broadcasts, game live broadcasts, video conferences and other live broadcast scenes. It can accurately and quickly recognize faces, real-time skin whitening, filter optimization, and enhance the anchor's sense of substitution and self-confidence.
Photo Photography Can be widely used in photography scenes such as photo apps, providing users with portrait beautification and fun stickers.
Short video Can be widely used in short video App, mobile phone recording and other camera scenes, users can make personalized recording and editing at any time to record the beautiful moments of life.
Video creation Can be widely used in professional video creation, providing multiple capabilities such as filters, stickers, etc., reducing the investment cost of manpower in basic creation, and quickly completing video editing creation.

3 Advantages

3.1 Powerful and stable face recognition

Powerful and stable face recognition, massive analysis and training of human faces, accurate recognition of 148 key points of the face, realization of facial features, fine-fitting makeup.

3.2 Leading AI Algorithm

High-precision human body detection and key point positioning algorithms are suitable for selfies, other shooting and various complex shooting scenes.

3.3 Stable tracking of portrait features

When the face or the human body rotates or moves quickly, it can ensure that the recognized characteristics of the portrait will not disappear, and ensure the perfect fit of the beauty, special effects, segmentation and other effects.

3.4 Fine fit for facial makeup

Through repeated training and polishing of the key points of the face, the beauty effect that is closer to the natural makeup can be achieved, and the experience is better.

4 Compatibility

Platform SDK Compatibility
iOS Support iOS 9.0 or above.
Android Support Android 5.0 or above.
Windows Support Windows 7 or above.
macOS Support macOS 10.11 or above.