Server APIs v2
  • Server APIs overview
  • Accessing Server APIs
  • Room signaling
  • Stream mixing
  • Streaming control
  • Cloud recording
  • Server callbacks
  • Return codes
  • API testing

Return codes

Last updated:2021-05-26 17:25

Public return codes

Return code Description
0 Request successful.
1 Request failed, possibly because the server is busy. Please retry.
2 Incorrect input parameter.
3 Verification failed.
4 Unknown CDN type.
7 The number of requests per second has exceeded the API rate limit.
100000000 Incorrect Host in the request header.
100000001 Invalid AppId format.
100000002 Timestamp is null.
100000003 Invalid Timestamp format.
100000004 Signature expired.
100000005 Invalid signature.
100000006 Action is null.
100000007 Unsupported Action.
100000008 SignatureNonce is null.
100000009 Signature is null.
100000010 Failed to get ServerSecret.
100000011 Failed to get app configuration.
100000012 Failed to get request body.
100000013 SignatureVersion is null.
100000014 Unsupported SignatureVersion.
100000015 API gateway internal error.

Business-specific return codes

Return code Description
50001 Room does not exist.
  • When there are no users in a room, the room will be automatically destroyed by the SDK.
  • When there is only one user in a room and the user exits or is kicked out of the room, the room will be automatically destroyed by the SDK.
  • When a room's heartbeat request times out by 100 seconds, the room will be destroyed by the SDK.
50002 User ID does not exist.
50003 Failed to get online user count.
50004 Failed to get user information.
50011 The number of recipients of the custom message has exceeded the limit.
50012 The length of the custom message has exceeded the limit.
50013 Failed to send custom message.
Return code Description
41001 Failed to save live stream.
41002 Failed to save channel.
41003 Live stream does not exist.
41004 Stream no longer exists.
42001 Failed to forbid live stream.
42002 Failed to resume live stream.
43001 Failed to create recording index file.