Server APIs v2

Resume a stream on CDN

Update Time:2021-10-25 17:42

1 Description

Re-enables a previously forbidden live stream to be published to CDN.

To use the CDN live streaming service, you will need to contact ZEGO Technical Support to enable it first.

2 Request method and endpoint

  • Request method: GET
  • Request endpoint:
  • Transmission protocol: HTTPS
  • Rate limit: 20 requests/second

3 Request parameters

Listed below are the parameters specific to this request and part of the public request parameters. For the complete list of public request parameters, see Server APIs public request parameters.

Parameter Type Required Description
StreamId String Yes Stream ID.

4 Sample request
&<Public Request Parameters>

5 Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
Code Number Return code.
Message String Description of the request execution result.
RequestId String Request ID.
Data Array of Object Returned data.
└ CdnType String CDN Type.
  • ws: Wangsu Cloud
  • aliyun: Alibaba Cloud
  • tencent: Tencent Cloud
└ CdnResult String CDN processing result.

6 Sample response

    "Code": 0,
    "Message": "success",
    "Data": [
            "CdnType": "ws",
            "CdnResult": "Resume tasks added successfully."
    "RequestId": "3162938795049910659"

7 Return codes

Listed below are the return codes related to this API. For the complete list of return codes, see Return codes.

Return code Description
41001 Failed to save live stream.
41002 Failed to save channel.
41003 Live stream does not exist.
41004 Stream no longer exists.
42001 Failed to forbid live stream.
42002 Failed to resume live stream.
43001 Failed to create recording index file.