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Update Time:2021-04-25 20:24

1 Introduction

RoomKit is a product of our Low Code Engagement Platform (LCEP). The RoomKit SDK encapsulates the ZEGO Express-Video SDK and various ZEGO add-ons to provide generic virtual room capabilities such as audio/video calling, whiteboard collaboration, content sharing, real-time messaging, room member management, and UI layout as modular functional building blocks that can be easily assembled as needed to support a wide range of use cases.

Compared with aPaaS solutions for specific verticals, LCEP is more industry-neutral. RoomKit is designed to help customers from all industries build audio and video-related applications quickly.


2 RoomKit vs. GoClass

ZEGO currently offers two low-code solutions, RoomKit and GoClass. The differences between the two are listed below, which may help you decide which one fits your situation better.

RoomKit GoClass
Suitable for Customers from various industries who need to build their applications in a short period of time but do not have adequate development resources. Customers from the education industry who have a tight development schedule but need some level of customization to their solutions.
Low. Features can be enabled/disabled with a few clicks of a switch, and RoomKit is continually updated with new features. Relatively high. Customers need to do some development work themselves.
Extensibility Medium. RoomKit supports some feature customization by using templates. Relatively high. Customers can modify the features to fit their needs.
Low. Customers only need to integrate the RoomKit SDK. Medium. Customers need to integrate multiple ZEGO SDKs, including the Express SDK, whiteboard SDK, and others, depending on the features required.
Use Cases
Customers can build any real-time interactive audio/video use cases on their own or by using pre-built templates:
  • One-on-One Classes
  • Small Classes
  • Large Classes
  • Live Streaming
  • Video Conferencing
  • One-on-One Classes
  • Small Classes
  • Large Classes
Pricing and
  • Package deal for standard room features.
  • Extra charges for additional features.
Depends on the SDKs and services you need to use.

3 Solution Advantages

1. Modular Building Blocks for Flexible Assembly

RoomKit provides flexible and powerful functional modules for audio/video calling and live streaming, file sharing, cloud drive file handling, and room member management, as well as hundreds of APIs, which developers can assemble as needed to realize desired functionalities.

2. Visual Parameter Configuration for Dynamic Application Changes

Visual parameter configuration allows non-technical staff to quickly set up the video definition, frame rate, bitrate, and layout for audio/video rooms without any client-side coding.

3. Open Interfaces for Easy Function Extension

RoomKit provides developers with standard APIs for interfacing with their own or third-party business systems, extending the functionality of the systems as needed.

4. Exceptional Product Experience Refined from Our SaaS Practices

With all the experiences we learned from our SaaS practices, we build RoomKit for a wide variety of business scenarios and make it well adapted to weak network conditions, low-end devices, and other boundary conditions to provide an exceptional product experience.

5. Cross-Platform Compatibility for Consistent Experiences

RoomKit supports all major platforms, including Windows, macOS, Web, iOS, Android, and HTML5 Mobile Web. It is compatible with more than 10,000 end-user device models, providing seamless cross-platform interoperability and a consistent user experience across different platforms/devices.

6. Optimized Global Access for Consistent Communication Experience

With ZEGO's multi-cloud and multi-service architecture, global network resources of the best quality, and real-time network scheduling system, RoomKit is built with the capabilities to overcome the barriers to quality international interconnections and provide a consistent communication experience globally.

4 Features

  • Audio and Video

High-quality and smooth audio/video streaming with configurable video definitions, including 360P, 720P, 1080P, and more. Easy and flexible video layout configuration with various layout templates.

  • Content Sharing

RoomKit offers rich sharing features, including whiteboard sharing, file sharing, screen sharing, and audio/video file playback, allowing all participants to view and collaborate on the same content smoothly with real-time synchronization.

  • Cloud Drive

Cloud drives for personal or enterprise use, with support for add, delete, modify, and search operations for different types of files, including static files, animated PPTs, audio/video files, and others.

  • Member Management

RoomKit offers comprehensive room member management features, allowing room hosts to grant/revoke room members' permissions to share files, share screens, use online whiteboards, and turn on/off their audio/video devices.

  • Real-Time Messaging

Reliable real-time messaging for sending text, emojis, images, and audio. Developers can also call custom message APIs to send business-related messages according to their business needs.

  • Room Add-Ons

RoomKit provides various room add-ons, such as user check-in, timer, quiz clicker, which developers can choose to use according to their business needs.

  • Recording

RoomKit offers various recording solutions, including client-side local recording, CDN recording, and cloud recording, with configurable video definition, video layout, and the content to be recorded.

  • API Support

RoomKit provides APIs for room management, file management, and statistics to help developers connect and combine room-related data and their business data to gain meaningful insights.

  • Quality Analytics

Through ZEGO's quality monitoring backend Prism, developers can have comprehensive monitoring of their apps' streaming quality, including the quality data and graphics of every stream, user/room level streaming activities, and more.

5 Supported Platforms

Android iOS Web macOS Windows HTML5
Host ×
Room Member
  1. Android 5 or higher.
  2. iOS 9 or higher.
  3. For web clients, Chrome 74 or higher (stable version) is recommended.
  4. macOS 10.10 or higher.
  5. Windows 7 or higher.
  6. For iOS HTML5 client: iOS 10.0 or higher is recommended, with support for Safari and WeChat built-in browser.
  7. For Android HTML5 client: Android 8.0 or higher is recommended, with support Chrome and WeChat built-in browser.