Cloud Recording


Update Time:2021-06-08 17:13

1 Product Introduction

ZEGO Cloud Recording is a recording service developed by ZEGO for real-time audio and video calls and interactive live broadcasts. Developers can quickly realize the recording function of audio and video calls and interactive live broadcasts through simple API integration and calling, so as to facilitate the playback of recorded content.

2 Product Advantages

2.1 High Reliability

Global distributed cluster deployment to provide high-availability services. Split recording, automatic disaster recovery during the recording process, the recorded files will not be lost. When the third-party cloud storage fails, it provides automatic storage disaster recovery and delayed upload functions.

2.2 High Security

Provide end-to-end security mechanisms for video calls, data transmission, and data storage. After the recording is completed, all recording files are automatically uploaded to the cloud storage platform designated by the customer. The streaming link adopts the Token authentication mechanism and AES encryption mechanism, and the transmission link adopts the transmission channel encryption mechanism to ensure that the files are safely stored on the designated cloud platform.

2.3 Compatibility

The cloud recording service supports storing the recorded files on third-party platforms, such as Alibaba Cloud, AWS S3, Tencent Cloud, Qiniu Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud Vod (only MP4 and FLV are supported). Customers can flexibly choose storage according to their needs cloud platform.

2.4 Simple and Easy to Use

The interface is simple and easy to access. The recording result is MP4, FLV or HLS format files. After recording, there is no need to use scripts for post-processing, and the recorded files can be played immediately.

2.5 Flexible Combination

Provides a wealth of functions. Customers can flexibly combine various functions according to their business needs, seamlessly apply them to different business scenarios, and achieve more complete services.

3 Function Introduction

Main function Function description
Single-stream recording Support distinguishing each user in the recording channel, and obtain separate audio and video files for each user in the channel.
Mixed-Stream Recording Supports multi-channel audio, video, or mixed recording of audio, video and whiteboard, mixing and recording all users' audio streams, video streams and whiteboards in the channel into one video file.
Whiteboard file recording Supports simultaneous recording and playback of audio, video and whiteboard files to meet the playback needs of teaching, training, and conference scenes.
Mixed-flow layout Provides a variety of preset mixed-flow layout templates. In the mixed-flow mode, it supports custom layouts and the use of preset layouts. The preset layouts include:
  • Horizontal layout
  • Vertical layout
  • Floating layout
  • Flat layout
Empty Streaming Filler Supports a user in the room to display the last second screen at the current location after the streaming is interrupted, and seamlessly connect to the new video screen after the user resumes the streaming.
Video Snapshot Support to take snapshot of the audio and video screens of all users in the room.
Dynamic PPT Recording Supports Recording animation effects and embedded audio and Video in PPT.
Third-party cloud storage Support for storing recording files in third-party cloud storage. Including:
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • AWS S3
  • Tencent Cloud
  • Qiniu Cloud
  • Alibaba Cloud Vod (only Support MP4, FLV)

4 Application Scenarios

Industry Applicable scenarios
Online education In educational scenarios such as 1v1, small class, large class, etc., provide high-quality course recording services, and record the audio, video and whiteboard content of teachers and students for easy review after class.
Social live broadcast In social entertainment and other scenarios, it provides audio and video recording services, which can record the wonderful moments of the live broadcast, and can also perform live broadcast playback, or perform live broadcast identification according to national regulatory requirements.
Financial industry When conducting online financial management, account opening, face-to-face signing, etc., in response to national regulatory requirements, audio and video services must be provided, and a video of the transaction record must be formed and archived for future reference.
Customer Service Center In online voice or video customer service scenarios, the communication process can be recorded to facilitate customer service quality evaluation and subsequent user research.
Telemedicine Recording during remote consultations and online consultations, to help patients obtain medical resources without leaving home, and to facilitate doctors' later diagnosis and treatment reference.