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Product Introduction

Update Time:2021-06-04 10:23

1 Overview

ZEGO file sharing service (ZegoDocs), providing file processing related functions. Common file formats can be transcoded into vector, PNG, PDF, HTML5 pages and other target formats that are convenient for cross-platform on-demand. They are often used in online education courseware sharing, video conference material sharing, network disk document preview, mailbox attachment preview and other scenarios. In general, ZegoDocs has two capabilities:

  • Convert the local file format into a file format that can be played on various platforms.
  • On-demand files and rendering to the view, providing various platform view plug-ins.

2 Platform Support

Platform SDK Demo Experience Compatibility
iOS Support Support Compatible with iOS 8 or above.
Android Support Support Compatible with Android 5.0 or above.
Windows (QT) Coming soon Coming soon Compatible with Windows 7 or above.
Windows (Win32) Support Support Compatible with Windows 7 or above.
Windows (Electron) Support Support Compatible with Windows 7 or above.
macOS (QT) Coming soon Coming soon -
macOS (Electron) Support Support Compatible with macOS 10.10 or above.
macOS (Objective-C) Support Coming soon Compatible with macOS 10.10 or above.
Web Support Support For detailed compatibility, please refer to Compatibility Description.
Mini Program Coming soon Coming soon -
Server Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon.

3 Advantages

3.1 Audio and Video Synchronization

By turning the page and synchronizing the audio and video streams, participants can synchronize the presenter's files, audio and video images in real time, avoiding the situation where the images and sounds do not match.

3.2 Support Dynamic and Static Document Conversion

Files such as PPT, Word and PDF can be converted into HTML5 pages or pictures, and the animation effects in the files can be retained to ensure the accuracy of information transmission.

3.3 File Lossless Restoration

Losslessly restore the original content of the file (including fonts, layout, etc.), and still have the same clear experience as the original file after scaling.

3.4 Ultra-low Threshold On-demand

Based on a powerful self-developed rendering engine, it encapsulates the view components for browsing files on each platform. Perfectly handle large files and irregular files, and support zooming.

3.5 Fast File Loading Speed

Further speed up on the basis of traditional CDN, and improve the loading speed of user files through self-developed scheduling system and on-demand loading.

3.6 File Encryption

Supports file access authentication, and encrypts the entire process from format conversion to on-demand browsing.

4 Function Introduction

Function Type Function Name Remarks
File operation File page turning, scrolling Support previous page, next page, and scrolling browsing.
Move up and down Support move up and down.
File zoom Support local zoom, synchronous zoom, zoom ratio 100%-300%.
File thumbnails Support display thumbnails of ppt and pdf files.
Support format Static presentation files: pptx, ppt Support presentation static presentation files.
Dynamic presentation files: pptx, ppt Support dynamic presentation files.
Text files: doc, docx Support presentation text files.
Form files: xls, xlsx Support presentation form files.
Picture files: jpg, jpeg, png, bmp Support demo picture files.
Other formats: pdf, txt Support demo pdf, txt.
H5 file Supports files in H5 format.
File operation File information File ID, file type, file page number, content width and height, shared authentication information, etc.
Dynamic PPT motion synchronization Support multi-terminal motion synchronization.
File recording and playback Support file recording and playback.
Access Control API Support the setting of operation permissions for whiteboard and graphic elements.
  • Whiteboard: scrolling and zooming operations
  • Graphics: creating, editing, moving, deleting and clearing operations