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Update Time:2021-07-06 22:44

1 Product Introduction

The Zego collaborative whiteboard service (ZegoWhiteboard), based on a real-time signaling network of hundreds of millions of users, provides users with the function of multi-person whiteboard interaction and collaboration. Users in the same room can draw on the designated whiteboard canvas in real time. With the help of basic teaching aids such as graffiti, text, straight lines, rectangles, ellipses, erasers, laser pointers, low-latency and high-efficiency exchange of ideas in a variety of forms is truly realized. Track real-time synchronization, audio "picture" synchronization. We provide an SDK for full platform integration in the form of a UI plug-in, with low access threshold and high abstraction.


2 Platform Support

Platform SDK Demo Experience Compatibility
iOS Support Support Minimum compatible with iOS 8
Android Support Support Minimum compatible with Android 5.0
Windows (QT) Coming soon Coming soon Minimum compatible with Windows 7
Windows (Win32) Support Support Minimum compatible with Windows 7
Windows (Electron) Support Support Minimum compatible with Windows 7
macOS (QT) Coming soon Coming soon -
macOS (Electron) Support Support Minimum compatible with macOS 10.10
macOS (Objective-C) Support Coming soon Minimum compatible with macOS 10.10
Web Support Support For detailed compatibility, please refer to Compatibility Description
Mini Program Coming soon Coming soon -
Server Coming soon Coming soon -

3 Advantages

3.1 Full Platform Coverage

Comprehensive coverage of mainstream platforms and frameworks, and support for quick access to platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Web.

3.2 Fully Functional

ZEGO collaborative whiteboard SDK provides graffiti, text, line, rectangle, ellipse, eraser, laser pointer and other functions, which is more flexible and more efficient than face-to-face blackboard writing.

3.3 Audio and Video Synchronization

The drawing process is synchronized with my own audio and video streams in real time. While the presenter is drawing and talking, the other participants can listen to and see the specific content in real time.

3.4 Real-time Collaboration Algorithm

ZEGO has self-developed intelligent multi-person real-time conflict determination algorithm, which can support hundreds of people to interact and collaborate efficiently (drawing, modification, etc.) at the same time.

3.5 International Acceleration

Free support for acceleration of international links under real-time networks, solve the problems of slow response and packet loss in long-distance transnational countries, and achieve a fast and stable transmission experience across countries.

4 Function Introduction

Function type Function name Remarks
Tools Whiteboard page turning, scrolling Support previous page, next page, and scrolling.
Whiteboard zoom Support local zoom, synchronous zoom, zoom ratio 100%-300%.
Pointer Support selected primitives.
Click Support triggering animation after clicking the trigger of dynamic PPT.
Drag and drop Support drag and drop canvas.
Paintbrush Support drawing.
Laser pointer Supports the use of laser pointer to indicate, mobile browser (Web) does not currently support.
Text Support text input.
Straight line Support drawing straight line.
Hollow rectangle Support drawing rectangle.
Hollow ellipse Support drawing ellipse.
Eraser Support erasing by primitive.
Support single-graphics movement Support selected single-graphics movement.
Support multi-graphics movement Support selected multi-graphics movement.
Clear the screen One-click to clear all the pixels of the blank board.
Undo Undo the last operation.
Redo Resume the last undo operation.
Color selection Support setting the color of brushes, rectangles, circles, etc.
Thickness selection Support setting the line thickness of brushes, rectangles, circles, etc.
Text size selection Support setting text font size.
Text format selection Support italics and bold.
Insert picture elements Support for inserting pictures on the whiteboard, support PNG, JPG, JPEG format.
Custom graphics Support custom graphics teaching aids, support PNG, JPG, JPEG format.
Background image Support setting whiteboard background image, support PNG, JPG, JPEG format.
Others Whiteboard information Whiteboard ID, whiteboard type, whiteboard page number, content width and height, shared authentication information, etc.
Pixel operation and real-time audio and video synchronization Keep whiteboard operation in synchronization with audio and video.
Real-time handwriting synchronization Support real-time synchronization of the handwriting being drawn to the remote.
Canvas operation recording and playback Support whiteboard canvas recording and playback.
Whiteboard adaptive Support the whiteboard to adapt to the size of the parent container.
Whiteboard pen sharpness Supports the display of pen sharpness effects when drawing brushes.
Access Control API

Support whiteboard and graphic element operation permission settings:

  • Whiteboard: scroll and zoom operations.
  • Graph elements: create, edit, move, delete and clear operations.